Founders Award

To honor a volunteer who has been instrumental in sustaining the organization

2012 Rhonda Scarlata, LCSW

2011 Kathy and Marbut Gaston 
2010 Nancy Beveridge, MD
2009 Laura Newton, LMFT
2008 Dick Horton
2007 Irv Rubenstein, PhD
2006 Karen Silien, PhD
2005 Ovidio Bermudez, MD
2004 Reba Sloan, MPH, LRD, FAED

President's Award

To honor a volunteer who has given significant support to the organization

2012 Linda and Rock Morphis

2011 Emma, Inc.
2010 Audrey and Megan Ivey
2009 Mary and DeeDee Wade
2008 Junior League of Nashville
2007 Betsy McInnes
2006 Ruth and Ray Randolph
2005 Cindi Dingler, LCSW

Visionary Award

To honor a volunteer who impacts the future of the organization

2012 Susan Akers

2011 Kendall Cooke
2010 East Tennessee State University, Frontier Health, Mountain States Health Alliance
2009 Karen Wetherall, MS, RD, LDN
2008 Misty Bays
2007 N/A
2006 Brittany MacNealy
2005 Courtney Grimes Cuden

Volunteer Award

To honor a volunteer who has consistently given time and energy to the evolving needs of the organization

2012 Beth Lamb, LCSW

2011 Renee Taylor-Sapp
2010 Missy Williams
2009 Rachel Anderson
2008 Elizabeth Llewellyn, Paul and Terri Burson
2007 N/A
2006 Alyson Knop
2005 Gina Prigoff, PhD
2004 Kathy Gaston and Connie Horton