Enola Gorham, LCSW, CEDS
Clinical Director of Adult Services
Eating Recovery Center (Denver, Colo.)
Enola Gorham brings together her knowledge of eating disorders, family dynamics and recovery environments in her role as Clinical Director of Adult Services at Eating Recovery Center. Enola has been an administrator and a clinician in the health care field for more than 20 years. Her background is in understanding and growing healthy family systems and effective recovery environments.
In her early career, Enola was involved with building community support systems for individuals with chronic mental illness. Ms. Gorham completed her Master’s at the University of Pennsylvania, as an adult student, while raising her three sons. She then spent six years as the Residential Director and Director of Social Work at Melmark Inc., a long-term care facility for individuals with mental retardation and brain injury.
Enola and her family moved to England for three years, where she had a private practice and worked in the Priory Health Care System. It was during this time that she began to see that many of her clients were struggling with eating disorders. Enola began to specialize in the treatment of eating disorders. Upon her return to the United States, Enola and her family settled in the Denver area, where she began working at the Eating Disorders Center of Denver and spent five years as a family therapist in this setting.
Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, LD, CSSD
National Director of Training and Education
Ranch 2300 Collegiate Eating Disorders Program (Dallas, Texas)
Jessica Setnick, author of The American Dietetic Association Pocket Guide to Eating Disorders and creator of Eating Disorders Boot Camp, is known for her practical and shame-free approach to eating disorders treatment. After treating hundreds of individuals with eating disorders in the hospital and out, she has spent the last 10 years sharing her strategies with health professionals. A past chair of the Behavioral Health Nutrition Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association, Jessica has been recognized many times for her work in the eating disorders field, receiving such honors as the BHN Award for Excellence in Practice and the inaugural Texas Dietetic Association Outstanding Nutrition Educator Award. Jessica’s presentation to the EDCT is made possible by an educational grant from Ranch 2300 Collegiate Eating Disorders Program.

Theodore E. Weltzin, MD, FAED
Medical Director, Eating Disorder Services
Rogers Memorial Hospital (Oconomowoc, Wisc.)

Theodore E. Weltzin, MD, FAED, is the medical director of Eating Disorder Services at Rogers Memorial Hospital. He is a leading authority in the treatment and research of eating disorders. He has specialized in the field of eating disorders treatment for more than 20 years and holds several leadership positions and academic posts.

He has trained more than 100 clinicians in the field and developed innovative programs addressing the unique needs of eating disorder patients, especially patients with eating disorders and anxiety and males with eating disorders. Dr. Weltzin has appeared as an expert on CNN, CBS Morning News, Good Morning America, The View and the Dr. Phil Show.

Jancey Wickstrom, AM, LCSW
Milieu Coordinator
Timberline Knolls (Lemont, Ill.)
Jancey Wickstrom, AM, LCSW, Milieu Coordinator at Timberline Knolls, is trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. She earned a Master’s in social work from the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration and completed a year-long internship learning DBT. In her capacity of Milieu Coordinator, Jancey works to create active recovery environments for continued skill building while residents are outside of individual or group therapy. She recently coauthored a chapter, “Healing Self-Inflicted Violence in Adolescents with Eating Disorders: A Unified Treatment Approach,” with Dr. Kim Dennis, Medical Director of Timberline Knolls. The chapter appears in Treatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research-Practice Gap, 2010.