EDCT Programs & Activities

Families Supporting Families
EDCT has established a Families Supporting Families support group in the Jackson area, which is led by Susan Harboldt, Nurse Practitioner.  This group meets monthly during the school year at the local Regional Hospital.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week
EDCT-Jackson has begun an initiative to educate students, as well as teachers and counselors on the prevention of eating disorders.  Several schools in the Jackson area have become active in this initiative by participating in Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW).   

EDCT-Jackson Treatment Team
EDCT is proud to be the first organization to form an outpatient "treatment team" that specifically serves individuals and families in the Jackson area.  This team consists of Dr. Elizabeth Londino, Ms. Angela Doyle, Ms. Hilda Nance, Mrs. Melody Zuker, and Ms. Francine Owens.

Getting Involved

EDCT is currently searching for Jackson-area coordinators to help with support groups and assist with local events and awareness activities.  Please contact us at (615) 831-9838 or email contactus@edct.net if interested.