Speakers Bureau

Nearly 200 presentations given statewide since 2004

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Through our Speakers Bureau program, EDCT delivers free community-based outreach and prevention presentations that educate all age groups about disordered eating, healthy body image, and how to develop a positive relationship with food. 

All Speakers Bureau volunteers recieve comprehensive training on speaking to various audiences, about a variety of topics on behalf of EDCT. Presentations are available by topic (please see below for a list). We appreciate donations of any amount to help us keep our presentations free. 

Appropriate Audiences

EDCT's Speakers Bureau program consists of a wide variety of audiences of all ages and backgrounds, some of which may include:

  • Schools: Students (grades 1-12), Teachers, Coaches, Counselors or Parents
  • Colleges/Universities: Students, Professors, Clubs/Organizations, etc.
  • Community Organizations: Churches, Volunteer Groups, Clubs, etc.
  • Businesses
  • Your audience!

Available Speakers Bureau Presentations

The following topics are available for our presentations. Please let us know if you do not see a topic that fits your needs.
"What is an Eating Disorder?"
A recent study of women ages 25-45 reported that 65 percent of American women identify with one or more categories of disordered eating. Learn the red flags associated with each category. Recognize them inyourself (or in a loved one) before they develop in to a full-blown eating disorder. Then learn where and how to get help and support.

"Body Image, Eating Disorders and the Media"
The average person sees 5,000 advertisements in a day - one third of which directly promote beauty products and fashion. This presentation provides an overview of body image and it's socio-cultural influences, including tips on deconstructing media messages and how to be a conscious viewer in an image-obsessed culture.

"Why Diets Don't Work and Tips on Eating Well"
Americans are dieting at the highest rate in history. Learn about the significant health risks associated with dieting and why dieting doesn't lead to lasting weight loss. Learn the "3-5-7" of good nutrition: 3 keys to healthy eating, 5 basic food groups, and 7 U.S. dietary guidelines.
"Stories of Hope From an Eating Disorder Survivor"

Sometimes a personal story of hope and recovery resonates the most. These powerful, first-hand accounts are given by eating disorder surivors.